GAKKOO offers solutions in managing online knowledge and skill transfer.

We are the best partner : We adapt to your specific needs.

We are more than a software supplier, we offer a complete solution.

Our solutions are modern, flexible, personalized and effective for your business.

Methods used facilitate the quest for success in achieving your goals. Provides centralized management and instant monitoring through user feedback. Our solutions insure standardization and standardization of content in a multisite and multilingual contexts.

  • Standardized multimedia guides and instructions
  • Instructions, standard procedures and documentation
  • Structured training
  • Business programs
  • Health & security rules
  • Data capture
  • Reporting and tracking

The expertise of GAKKOO

Our team consists of manufacturing experts and professionals in communication.

  • Create modern digital solutions that are simple, effective and tailored to your needs
  • Organize, standardize, optimize and share knowledge within your company
  • Avoid the loss of your knowledge and enable you to constantly evolve
  • GAKKOO uses the best platform for transferring knowledge of its customers. The choice of the platform is crucial for the performance
  • Our multimedia expertise provides rapid results and exceptional quality. A quick understanding by users is the result of success for your business
  • Provide support and services tailored to the needs of each customer
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    Dozuki platform

    For years, companies have relied on outmoded programs—like Word or Powerpoint—that were never meant to produce instructions, guides, or manuals. The result: messy, unprotected, and unprofitable documentation. Our platform isn’t like traditional programs. It’s a powerful, interactive architecture designed with responsive features for your unique needs. Collect essential data in real-time with our Data Capture feature. Leverage insight from your most experienced employees by using our Smart Feedback functionality. Have instructions so clear that even your ESL end-users understand them at a glance and try out Multilingual Support. We believe that great documentation looks clean, reads well, and is responsive. Only then can it contribute to the success of a company. And with Dozuki, success is what you’ll get.


Work instruction / Dozuki

Mobil platform / Dozuki










Dozuki 1

Dozuki 2

Dozuki 3

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    Standardized multimedia guides and instructions

    • Health and safety rules (specific equipment)
    • Equipment adjustment to the required parameters (recipe)
    • Team standardization (best way)
    • Manufacturer’s manual (OEM reference)
    • Documents and links
    • Quality standards to meet
    • Lockout & tagout procedures
    • Available in all languages

  • Connector.

    Instructions, standard procedures and documentation

    • Health and safety rules
    • Visual assembly guides
    • Process instructions (ERP, CMMS, etc.)
    • Critical steps inspection (control plan)
    • Standards and quality criteria to be met
    • Product Specification
    • Integration Plan (host program)
    • Documentation available in all languages

  • Connector.

    Structured training

    • Multimedia solutions adapted to the needs (sound, image and video)
    • Accessible anytime by all employes
    • Hiding integration plan
    • Training reminder

  • Connector.

    Data capture

    • Automated dashboard (API)
    • Connection to your ERP system (API)
    • Manual Information capture, by users
    • System Information captured (work order, time, etc.)
    • Progress of work

  • Connector.

    Health & security rules

    • Specific training (WHMIS, lift, crane, emergency, etc.)
    • Accessible anytime
    • On line MSDS in relation to operations
    • On line incident reporting
    • OSHA training reminder

  • Connector.

    Business programs

    • Factory rules
    • Code of ethics
    • Customs security (C-TPAT)
    • Evacuation and emergency measures
    • Customer complaints to share
    • Quality programs (ISO, SQF, GMP, etc.)
    • Standardized laboratory procedures and protocols
    • Standardized calibration

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